Rotary vane compressors


Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. manufactures the world’s largest range of rotary vane compressors with power from 1.5 to 250 kW.

Blade series Ultra efficient. Inherently quiet. Incredibly compact. The best things come in small packages.

Classic series The open-frame compressors in Mattei’s Classic Series are designed for both performance and value. The Classic Series can be used in a variety of applications, including those in the automotive, manufacturing, and energy industries

Air Center Series Mattei’s Air Center Series is comprised of highly efficient, reliable rotary vane air compressors.

High-Efficiency Series The perfect choice for environments where air demand is consistently high, the Mattei High-Efficiency Series boasts excellent performance, unrivaled efficiency, and improved durability.

Variable Speed Series Mattei's Variable Speed compressors automatically adjust their operations in accordance with the load profile. The compressor’s inverter automatically adjusts the motor’s rotational speed to ensure that the air delivered by the compressor always corresponds to the real-time demand.