Refrigeration equipment

System solutions for air conditioning, heating, and drying.

System solutions for air conditioning, heating, and drying. Industrial refrigeration equipment for ventilation and air conditioning (chillers), refrigeration equipment for climate technologies, hardware solutions and air conditioning solutions for compressed air drying.

Package water chillers

HITEMA makes sure its Customers business is constantly up and running, thereby helping to increase their competitive advantage.

  • Combi Application More details »
    scroll compressors from 230 Kw to 690Kw.
  • Process Application
    scroll compressors from 1 Kw to 480 Kw. More details »
  • Comfort Application
    scroll compressors from 12 Kw to 480 Kw. More details »

Supporting Customers all over the WORLD
Hitema's guarantee of quality and reliability is underpinned by the use of the very latest technology supported by constant research and products that are manufactured in accordance with very stringent standards. Customer Support can be reached easily worldwide. Hitema is always able to provide correct and fast answers and an immediate support. Our daily contact with our Customers gives us a the real feedback which permit us the constant improvement of our Hitema's performance.

Compressed air treatment

Four new revolutionary models have been added to the historical POLE STAR Series. The new Series implies a modern design with compact dimensions and high performances even under the heaviest working conditions.

HITEMA drying units at refrigerating circuit are designed and manufactured to ensure the dehumidification of compressed air 24 hrs/24hrs for the whole year and with a high safety and reliability degree. Herewith the choice and the application of high quality components and care exercised in the achievement of important objectives such as: reliability, easy installation & maintenance, low sound level, compact dimensions, weatherability, energy savings, working precision.